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Exciting, Original, Escape Room Adventures for fun, education, and team-building!

You and your team are 'locked' in a room. Within 60 minutes you will need to find a means of escape by solving puzzles and following clues. And if you still have time on the clock, you can try to acquire the treasure the room has to offer! ERTH rooms are themed, and have original puzzles and custom made devices specific to the theme and time-period of the room.

Escape Room Treasure Hunt (#ERTHLA)

is based in Southern California, and creates pop-up, traveling and portable Escape Room installations, as well as future permanent locations in the United States.

What is an Escape Room?

They are an excellent form of live group-adventure for friends or family fun, school classes, and corporate team-building exercises!  You and up to 7 other people (you may be grouped with other people if the room is not full) are in a themed adventure room, and have 60 minutes to work puzzles, decipher codes and clues, find keys and find the solution to the main riddle of the room - that may be to simply 'escape,' or it may be you solve a crime, or save the world! Successful teams earn 'bragging rights' and are featured on our website and social media with their picture, and score!

Current Escape Room Events!

Los Angeles - #erthLA

“The Alchemist’s Lab” at Arqade in downtown L.A.

You are a 19th Century Jr. Detective of Scotland Yard. This is your final practical exam: Explore Alchemist Devon Melton Plumbum's  laboratory for an hour! Using your wits, and those of your team, your job is to find out what his nefarious plans are, find his formula for transmutation of lead into gold, and if you still have time left, unlock the chest with his hidden stash of transformed gold! The art-space of Oddville has been transformed into a Victorian-era lab, with antique and custom-made equipment, locks, and puzzles which use only technology available in the period, wherever possible. This Room has no 'fear-factor' elements: nothing scary, dangerous or with an implied threat of harm.


This Escape Room won the first-ever Best Interactive Award at the Adelaide Australia Fringe Festival - the 2nd largest theatre festival in the world, in February 2016.


Perth, Australia  / Adelaide Fringe

Escape the Past! at FringeWorld &  the Adelaide International Fringe Festival!
Chrono-Cop! Your mission to Las Vegas in in October 1951 was a success - disaster averted! Now it's time to come back to the present, but your regular time-portal has been damaged, so you must use this one in a motel room in downtown Vegas! Can you unlock the safeguards and solve the puzzles in 60-minutes, or will you be trapped in 1951?



Future Escape Room Events!

Los Angeles

Escape the Past! Coming to Arqade in downtown L.A.

Coming in the Spring to be added to our downtown L.A. location!


Coming to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Now in negotiations to bring a room to the original Renaissance Faire this Spring!



Coming to a location in Houston, Texas

Look for announcements in the early Summer!



Coming to Adelaide, Melbourne & Brisbane!

Three permanent locations coming later in 2017!




  • Review - Rip It Up Magazine (Adelaide, Feb. 2016)

    Escape rooms have surged in popularity in Adelaide and around the world recently, with the joy of solving puzzles not easy for people to resist. In The Alchemist’s Lab, you get one hour to put your detective hat on and go through Devon Melton Plumbum’s lab. The aim is to discover what his plans are, find the formula for alchemy, and unlock the chest with his hidden stash of gold.


    This escape room is set in the 1880’s, and every accessory and piece of furniture has been carefully chosen or made to fit in with the time period. There are some legitimately gorgeous pieces and it’s almost worth going just for that. While it sounds like some of the items aren’t dealing well with the stress of being man-handled by detectives every night, you’ll still enjoy playing with the scales and 3D glasses.


    This is a team game, so you need to be able to work together, possibly with people you don’t know. The excitement builds as pieces fall into place and it’s great to see people that have never met cheering each other on.


    If you’ve never been to an escape room before, let this be your first one. Your host will explain that this is an especially difficult escape room, and not to feel bad if you don’t manage to figure out every clue before the time is up (but he’ll give a few little hints along the way). If you’re an escape room expert, this lab might just trip you up. I definitely recommend you head out to Gluttony before Fringe is over and give your brain a challenge.

  • Review - The Clothesline Mag. (Adelaide, Feb. 2016)

    As you step into an old transportable building nicely tucked away in Gluttony you are transported to 1899 where you find yourself in the middle of Dr Devon Melton Plumbum’s laboratory. As junior members of the ‘Scotland Yard Detectives’ it is your job to set upon Dr. Plumbum’s laboratory and solve the riddle of how and why he has concocted a formula to change lead into gold and where his secret stash of gold is hidden.


    On entering the laboratory your senior detective gives you a rundown of Dr. Plumbum’s history and the events leading up to “present day”. In order to pass you must work together to solve the puzzles that he has put in place to protect his most prized possessions, and all within 60 minutes. The room has been decked out with antique and period pieces that really set the mood and as you scurry along on your task you can see how easy it is to get swept away in it all.


    There is a vast array of locked chests and draws to be unlocked, some using keys (that are so obviously placed you don’t even see them) and some using numbers and letters that you must decipher. While this task can sometimes seem impossible, once you’ve cracked the code your sense of achievement is quickly overrun with amazement of how clever this whole scenario actually is.


    Once your 60 minutes starts and you find your first clue and open your first safe it is impossible not to be drawn into this adventure. Every effort has been made to replicate the era Dr. Plumbum worked in and the way in which the clues and messages are set out is astounding.


    If you’re after a challenge and a jolly good time The Alchemist’s Lab is the place to be!

Coming in January 2017!

Escape Room Treasure Hunt presents “The Alchemist’s Lab” in several U.S. cities this year!

Coming to Perth & Adelaide in 2017: “Escape the Past!" - you're a time traveler trying to return to your present-day from Earth's past! More details coming soon!

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Escape Room Treasure Hunt presents “The Alchemist’s Lab” at Arqade in downtown Los Angeles.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are we really locked in?

    Nope! It's just symbolic, and the rooms are not claustrophobic.

  • How many people to a team?

    Minimum of two, maximum of ten.

  • Is there an age limit or rating?

    Under 15 is not admitted, under 18 requires at least one paying adult in the group.

  • Is it scary?

    Nope. No one and nothing jumps out at you, and nothing is gruesome. It's all just exciting!

  • Can we reserve a room to ourselves?

    Yes, but you'll need to buy out the whole room at $320, even if you're fewer than 8 people.

  • Do we need to purchase in advance?

    Highly recommended that you book online in advance, as many sessions sell out quickly.

  • When should we arrive?

    Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time for check-in, rules & guidelines, etc. Arrivals after the session start time will NOT be admitted, and will not be given a refund. Leave yourself ample time to get downtown, park and getting yourself to the venue. Allow yourself about 15 minutes after the session for picture taking and/or walkthroughs of missed clues.

  • Can I have a cocktail before I come?

    Please don't. You want your brain operating at 100%, and we want fewer props and puzzles broken. Anyone showing signs of inebriation will be asked to leave, and will not receive a refund.

  • But I really want a cocktail!

    No. Hulk smash. (And then Hulk has to pay for the expensive props he breaks.)

  • Can I have a party or corporate team-building event scheduled?

    Absolutely! email us via the contact form and we'll get right back to you!

  • Where do I park?

    For the Oddville event, there are several lots nearby Oddville, and even street parking available.

  • What if we fail?

    Then you'll be in good company. Escape Rooms are meant to be challenging. Generally only about 20-25% of teams succeed. For ERTH rooms, about 20% get to the 'Win' level, and only about 2% complete the 'Extra Credit' puzzle.

Mission statement:

Why ERTH is different: many Escape Rooms around the world (there are now over 6500!) rely on many of the same puzzles, or types of puzzles. Modern combination locks are fine for a present-day themed room, but are out of place in a Medieval Dungeon. UV flashlights are terrific if you're in a 21st Century Sci-Fi adventure, but take you out of the moment if you're in Sherlock Holmes' Baker St. digs. We at ERTH endeavor to create rooms where the puzzles fit both the theme of the room, and the time period wherever possible, making custom-made puzzle boxes and combination locks unlike any others! "Onstage" technology will be from the period of history of the room. Additionally, most Escape Rooms simply have the goal of 'escaping' whereas we're adding a second level of success or failure: You may find the means to escape - or the solution to the main goal - but if there's time left on the clock, you can attempt the 'extra-credit' score by solving the next tier of puzzle, and finding or retrieving the 'treasure' of the room too!